Teddy is a complete show-off and often gets on the nerves of others with his impulsive actions. He is known as the tough, annoying, bully at school. Later in the series he is paired with Sweetheart, who is able to bring out his good side. Teddy could be seen as the middle ground between Lancer and Ace, eagerly following Ace's schemes but at the same time wanting to be good for Sweetheart. Sometimes he carries a satchel over his neck and wears sunglasses. It is later revealed that he sleeps with a teddy bear and that is his only secret (Sweetheart is privy to this and has both been willing to cover for him and blackmail him into behaving as the situation warrants). Teddy is blue with an orange Mohawk, and his symbol is a black comb. He is voiced by Tony Sampson. He appears in the episodes "Bon Bon's Diary", "Stand By Me", "The Masquerade", "The Play's the Thing", "Shop Talk", "Blue Ribbon Blues", 'Roll Around the Clock', 'An Apple for Starlight', 'The Great Lemonade Stand Wars', and 'Happy Birthday Sweetheart.' He also makes a cameo in 'The Impractical Joker', and is frequently seen as a background character.

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